Oracle R11 Test Scripts
Posted: 27 January 2006 05:28 AM
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Download Oracle R11 Financials test scripts here. Since I’ve hunted high and low on the internet for R11i scripts I would appreciate anyone sharing such scripts with me so that I can put them on my site for download by other interested consultants. Or, should you decide to update the R11 ones placed here with the new navigation paths and processes, then please send the updates my way.

Note on using these documents 

These scripts were prepared using the layout of the TE040 Test Scripts template in Oracle AIM. Therefore, you need ensure that you set your macro security to low when opening these documents as this will allow various auto open macros to run that add an Oracle AIM menu to the standard Word menu. The AIM menu allows you to make mass changes to the test scripts document. Whilst in the test script documents you can view hidden text which contains instructions on how to fill in the document by selecting Tools > Options > View (Tab) and under the “formatting marks” section check/uncheck the hidden text check box to display/hide the hidden text.

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