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Posted: 08 December 2009 04:55 PM
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Web based ERP enables Apparel manufacturers to save lot of time: automatic and effective communication; avoid duplication of work; timely information sharing; constant, instant alerts and reminders before any untoward events resulting in timely completion of work; and customer satisfaction resulting in more orders and revenue.

Web Based ERP Software For: Textile Industry, Garment Industry and Apparel Industry

1)  Web based applications help organizations to make faster decisions as data integrations are online and live.

2)  No user can get on-hand information on the status of any organizational activity without using a web technology. Web technology can provide on hand and live information as the live process goes. Web technology has the advantage of accessing and communicating live information on the run from anywhere and at anytime.

3)  Web based solution allows department people to share information generated between departments effectively and timely. Web based solution has single location database and hence every operation that is done in departments are stored in one location making it easier to access and analyze.

4)  It helps people to do their day to day function from any location and at any time irrespective of being in the office or any where across the world and helps organizations to enable access to their suppliers and customers to know their status by providing user name and password. Information shared will be pertaining to the individual supplier/Customer only.

5)  Web based solution enables remote access to the live operational data with due access security and facilitates efficient communication methods to communicate various instant findings from a process function to concerned persons. It also helps customers to know his order status order-wise.

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