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September 28, 2005

MBS Axapta Future Directions - Convergence 2005 Conference

I came a really interesting presentation the other day at the Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta UK Parter Site. The presentation was delivered at the March 2005 Microsoft Convergence conference held in San Diego, US (view some of the pictures here). It provides some interesting insights into what’s coming in Axapta 4.0 as well as version 3.0 Service Pack 4.

New features coming:

Financial Management


  • Performance improvements on journals

New & Improved

  • Powerful Extensions to Dimensions
  • New cost accounting solution
  • Draft handling
  • Voucher Improvements
  • US-GAAP/IAS-IFRS Accounting Standards
  • EU115 – European tax regulations

Dimension control

  • New Dimensions Hierarchy feature
    • Guide and control dimensions values entry cross product
  • Revised dimensions default inheritance in ledger journals:
    • Blank dimensions value not overwritten by blanks
    • Dimensions blocking capability
    • New flag on dimensions value , preventing further usage of the value when obsolete

Empowering financial analytics and reporting capability

  • Improved inquiry capability on dimensions
    • New dimensions form (featuring chart of account alike capabilities)
    • New Flexible and versatile Balance per dimension form
  • Flexible & versatile reporting capability on dimensions and account alike
    • New Financial Reporting CORE Engine
    • New Account statement & Financial Statement
  • Multilevel aggregation capability
    • New Row structures capability
  • Fiscal LIFO inventory report

Supply Chain Management


  • Inventory Closing improved and resolved


  • Drop Shipments
  • P.O.  Quotation
  • Kitting
  • Subcontracting

Order Processing

  • Multiple Ship To Addresses
  • Improved back orders

Product Builder

  • Drag’n drop support
  • Guided creation of new models
  • CRM/Service Management integration

Non-inventory items
Shop Floor

  • Batch updates of production
  • Improved notice board
  • New WebApp for Time Entry
  • Feedback quantity validation

Advanced Inter Company

  • Ensure data consistency and process control
  • True triangulization

Other new functionality and modules

New Service Management

  • Designed for manufacturing organizations
  • Support long and/or more complex sales cycles
  • Seamless integrated with CRM and project accounting
  • Focused on service manager, dispatcher, and service technician/consultant employees

Project Accounting

  • Project Estimation /forecasting Capability
  • Improved budget oversight
  • Credit note

Business Alerts

  • On all forms/data
  • Rule creation
  • Alert viewing
  • Event processing
  • E-mail integration

XML Business documents
Microsoft Axapta CRM

  • Quoting repackaged
  • Improved Microsoft Outlook synchronization

Human Resource Management

  • E-recruitment
  • Competence Mapping
  • Publish company policies and procedures to Enterprise Portal

Other areas of interest discussed in the presentation: -

  • Microsoft Axapta 4.0 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Cross Application Fundamentals
  • What’s coming In 3.0 SP4
  • The improved user interface
  • SQL Server Reporting Services for Axapta 3.0 and 4.0
  • Reporting Roadmap
  • Axapta Object Server as well as client to AOS communications
  • Database Interactions
  • Prescriptive Guidance
  • Industry Builder Initiative and Strategy
  • Axapta Integration Framework (AIF) and value proposition
  • Microsoft Axapta Community and User Group
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September 18, 2005

Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta - UK Partner site

I came across this site the other day and was impressed with the amount of useful information they had on MBS Axapta.

To start off with they define Axapta really well. According to the site:

Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta is a multiple-language, multiple-currency enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with core strengths in manufacturing and e-business and strong functionality for the wholesale and services industries.

To learn more about Axapta they provide you with the following resources:

  • Microsoft Axapta presentations
  • Microsoft Axapta classroom training
  • Microsoft Axapta exam preparation guides
  • Microsoft Axapta training manuals
  • Microsoft Axapta e-Courses
  • Quick reference guide
  • Microsoft Axapta fact sheets
  • Microsoft Axapta e-training courses

To help you effectively sell Axapta the following are provided:

  • Microsoft Axapta sales demos
  • Microsoft Axapta application demos
  • Microsoft Axapta Business pain sheets
  • Add-on solutions catalogue
  • Overview of Microsoft Axapta Demand Planner
  • Microsoft Axapta scalability review
  • Independent study on returns on ROI through Microsoft Axapta
  • News about Microsoft Axapta 4.0
  • FAQs about the beta release of Microsoft Axapta 4.0
  • Microsoft Axapta case studies

To help build on Axapta the following are given:

  • Guides to getting started
  • Microsoft Axapta and the Microsoft stack
  • Microsoft Axapta Service Management
  • Using Microsoft Axapta application layers

To help deploy MBS Axapta the following information is provided:

  • Download Service Pack 4 for Microsoft Axapta 3.0
  • Microsoft Axapta installation guides
  • How to set up Microsoft Axapta 3.0 to print invoices that comply with EU VAT regulations
  • Guidelines for creating records for EU accession countries
  • ‘General Protection Fault’ errors in Microsoft Axapta
  • Comparing benchmark results on Microsoft Data Access Components
  • Microsoft Axapta and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Test results: Microsoft Axapta 3.0 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Upgrade from Microsoft Axapta 2.5 to 3.0

Enjoy browsing and downloading at this site. Some of the information requires a Microsoft PartnerSource Login but most of it is freely downloadable.

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September 16, 2005

Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta Links, Resources and Blogs

Recently I’ve been attending a number of Axapta training courses at Interquad and hope to be writing the exams in due course.

Courses I’m attending are:

I’ll be writing the odd post on Axapta as and when I learn anything new or interesting. For the moment I’m bookmarking any good links I find on Axapta using Check out the Axapta tag to find sites for Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) Axapta.

So far I’ve only come across two Axapta Blogs - Harish Mohanbabu, Axapta MVP and Axapta Blog.

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