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August 5, 2005

ExpressionEngine (EE) Keywords Plugin provides TAG support

I’ve just installed the EE Keywords Plugin which gives you the ability to TAG your posts – you’ll see that I’ve now added and technorati tags to my posts. I hope to, at a later stage, create a tag cloud.

According to the ExpressionEngine Keywords plugin page:

The EE Keywords Plugin provides a way to maintain a set of dynamic keywords for your ExpressionEngine entries. These keywords function much like categories: you can easily display other entries that share a keyword with the current entry, you can show all entries with a given keyword, and so forth. Unlike categories, though, you can create keywords on the fly as you create content.

Keywords are similar to the tags on,, and technorati. For more information on integrating your EE keywords into technorati, and for other usage tips, consult the EE Wiki page on the Keywords Plugin.

Some useful posts I came across on the implementation of Keywords:

Visit the pmachine plugins site to obtain a listing of other Plugins available for ExpressionEngine.

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