360 degree panoramic view of Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro

Posted on April 2, 2006 in ClimbingKilimanjaroSport

I came across this site the other day which provides you with a 360 degree panoramic view of Uhuru Peak on Kilimanjaro. It shows the Western Breach, Reusch Crater and Mawenzi.

You’ll also find the story of the climbers who took the pictures here.

Another really good panoramic view of the summit is available here. According to the web site:

This was taken on top of Mount Kilimanjaro on November 2, 2001. The locals call the mountain "Kibo", and the summit "Uhuru" which means "freedom". It's 19,345 feet tall, making it the tallest peak on the continent of Africa (and hence one of the "seven summits" of the world). If you want to see more pictures from my journey, check out the trip journal. The sign in the picture says:

Congratulations. You are now at Uhuru Peak, Tanzania, 5895m AMSL.
Africa's highest point.
World's highest free-standing mountain.
One of the world's largest volcanoes.

It's a Quicktime VR movie, which means you can click and drag in it to "look around". Try it!

What's really nice about this summit view is that you can zoom in and out and also move the picture up and down. Pretty clever stuff
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