Birthday present - ExpressionEngine 1.4 and FREE Core Released

Posted on December 19, 2005 in ExpressionEngine

Today’s my birthday and I got a rather nice present from pMachine, the software company that makes ExpressionEngine, the blogging software I use. A mail they sent me today stated the following: -

We are pleased to announce the release of ExpressionEngine 1.4, as well as our new free version called ExpressionEngine Core.

Version 1.4 is one of our biggest releases to date, delivering over 70 new features and enhancements. Included features are a powerful Extensions Manager, enabling developers to greatly extend the system, and new enterprise features, like entry versioning, relational data capabilities and more custom fields types.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the release of our free ExpressionEngine Core Version. The Core is an unsupported version available for personal use. It comes with 10 add-on modules, making it a great blogging system for those that don’t need extra features like an image gallery, mailing list, or moblogging. We have also reduced the personal license price to $99.95.

If you’re interested in the full story of EE Core, as well as important information for anyone who recently purchased a personal license at the
previous price, please visit:

For a full list of new 1.4 features and enhancements please read the change log, located at:

If you are currently licensed EE user you can download 1.4 from the download area, located at:

The ExpressionEngine 1.4 User Guide also has comprehensive documentation in the following areas:

License Agreement
The terms and conditions under which ExpressionEngine can be legally used.

Server requirements for running ExpressionEngine

Change Log
A list of new features, changes, bug fixes in the current version

Installation and Updating Instructions
Step-by-step installation instructions and detailed instructions for updating to the most current release.

Getting Started with ExpressionEngine
Start with a big picture overview then learn the fundamentals by creating a simple two page website.

The Control Panel
Detailed information regarding the ExpressionEngine Control Panel and its many features.

General Information
General information regarding ExpressionEngine including data caching, text formatting, Spam Protection, and more.

Templating System
Learn to use ExpressionEngine’s advanced templating and tagging system to build dynamic pages.

Modules and Tags
Reference guide for incorporating ExpressionEngine’s many modules and features into your pages.

The Knowledge Blog
Online reference of commonly asked questions.

ExpressionEngine’s API, functions, and classes for web developers interested in developing extensions, modules, and plugins.

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