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Posted on August 7, 2005 in Google EarthGoogle MapsKilimanjaro

I just made the decision to climb Kilimanjaro in January 2006 with a bunch of friends. It’s the largest freestanding mountain in the world and should be a rather challenging experience.

I’m going to be blogging (and perhaps podcasting) about the journey as well as all the preparation I’ll be making for the trip. I’ll be starting my diet and training programme from tomorrow - it’s going to be rather rigourous and I’m hoping to shed a few pounds. I saw Kilimanjaro when I flew over it in 2003 on my way to and from Uganda and I’ve attached a pic below.

Kilimanjaro from my the seat of my Kenyan Airways flight

Mount Kilimanjaro peers through the clouds

Of course the first thing I did when I found out I was going was check out the view from Google Earth. I’ve linked to the KMZ files below and will also be creating a KMZ file detailing our intended route when ascending and descending the mountain. Note, you’ll need Google Earth installed to open the KMZ files below.

After successfully reaching the summit and returning we’ll be spending a couple of days in Zanzibar soaking up the rays and perhaps doing some diving.

Kilimanjaro - Google Earth, Google Maps
Zanzibar - Google Earth, Google Maps

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We plan to get our diving licenses in the UK before we go. Thanks for your comments Sara I’ll make sure we keep them in mind

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