ExpressionEngine 1.3.2 and Discussion Forum 1.1.1 Released

Posted on September 20, 2005 in

I’ve been eagerly this update for a while as there are a number of small bugs I was encountering that I had been told were in the process of being fixed.

According to the pMachine announcement:

ExpressionEngine 1.3.2 adds support for multiple mailing lists, and provides fixes for bugs that have been reported recently. Discussion Forum 1.1.1 is a maintenance release, providing a number of bug fixes and small feature improvements. All existing ExpressionEngine users are encouraged to update.

It looks like I’ll no longer be relying on Bloglet to maintain the mailing lists for my blogs. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade all my blogs over the weekend.

The changelog for version 1.3.2 reads as follows:

Build: 20050918
Release Date: September 18, 2005
* Improved mailing list module. It now supports multiple mailing lists.
* Added new entry notification preference, enabling recipients to be notified when new entries are posted.
* Added a new feature to the “related entries” tag allowing sorting by custom field. See docs for more info.
* Added a check to the blacklist module to make sure no one is entering invalid URLs.
* Added a new option to the “publish” tab in the control panel. You can now set it so that it is clicked to activate the javascript drop-down menu rather than hovering. The preference is found in Admin > System Preferences > Control Panel Preferences
* Updated moblog module to deal with Japanese phones better.
* Improved javascript for the automatic URL title creation so that it converts common foreign characters (german, french) into appropriate english equivalents.
* Improved browser compatibility with the javascript features in the publish page.
* Changed how the “last visit” date is calculated. It is now based on the “last activity” of a user, which is more accurate.
* Fixed a MetaWeblog API bug when editing entries.
* Fixed a localization problem in the XML-RPC files.
* Fixed a bug in the forum topic recount utility that occurs when there are no topics.
* Fixed an incorrect variable in the Trackback captcha feature
* Fixed a bug in the Blacklist module where the blocking via .htaccess was not always happening.
* Fixed a bug in the {if location} variable in the comment script.
* Fixed a bug in the MT import script.
* Fixed an incorrect global in the “prep_conditional” function.
* Fixed an incorrect member ID value when editing a member’s preferences if the user is not the actual member.
* Fixed a bug in the xss prevention function, which can inadvertently alter the word “system” if found an entry.
* Fixed a bug that can cause the new entry page calendar to skip forward to the wrong month when clicking the “next” link.
* Fixed a bug in on of the queries that can cause duplicate data to appear under certain conditions.
* Fixed a problem in the gallery module when hard coding entry IDs in the gallery tag.
* Fixed an error that can occur when previewing gallery comments.
* Fixed a date related bug that happens if you submit an entry at 12 midnight on a date not observing daylight saving time and try to view your entries by date.
* Fixed a formatting problem in the Metaweblog API module.
* Fixed a problem with spacing and conditionals that use the pipe: {if member_id == "3|4"}.
* Fixed a moblog problem that can occur when a member account has been deleted.
* Fixed a bug with the show=”” parameter for the Weblog Entries tag.

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