Google Earth Satellite Imagery Update includes Harare, Zimbabwe

Posted on September 20, 2005 in MappingGoogle Earth

The BBS Keyhole site which is the home of the Google Earth community just announced a major update to the Google Earth Satellite imagery as well as the addition of a National Geographic layer that indexes content from National Geographic Magazine about the continent of Africa. I’m pleased to see that Harare in Zimbabwe (via Google Earth KMZ bookmark), where I lived for 30 years before moving to Botswana and then the UK, is on the the list.

Key components of the update are as follows:

National Geographic Content

  • Feature stories and images
  • 500 Megaflyover scenes
  • Sights & Sounds multimedia content
  • Live WildCam in Botswana

Global Imagery Updates

Very High Resolution Areas
Jacksonville, FL 2004; Los Angeles, CA 2003; Oxnard, CA 2004; Tampa/St.Petersburg 2002

New High-Resolution Areas
Wilmington, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Quito, Ecuador; Caracas, Venezuela; La Paz, Bolivia; Canary Islands; Brussels, Belgium; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Belgrade, Serbia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Riga, Latvia; Kiev, Ukraine; Mumbai, India; Bangalore, India; Hyderabad, India; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Hiroshima, Japan; Kobe, Japan; Osaka, Japan; Kyoto, Japan; Nagoya, Japan; Sapporo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Saertu, China; Havana, Cuba; Harare, Zimbabwe; Liverpool, UK; Portsmouth, UK; Middlesborough/Hartlepool, UK; Darwin, Australia

Updated or Additional Coverage Areas
Nashville, TN; Quebec, Canada; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Venice, Italy; Milan, Italy; Birmingham, UK; Plymouth, UK; Dublin, Ireland; Frankfurt, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Warsaw, Poland; Ankara, Turkey; New Delhi, India; Taipei, Taiwan; Seoul, South Korea; Pyongyang, North Korea; Stockholm, Sweden; Cape Town, South Africa;

Google Earth Community

A new forum, National Geographic Content, has been created for placemarks and discussions about the content in the National Geographic layers.

I wonder if the Zimbabwean Government will be as upset as the Koreans were about Google making satellite photos of their country publicly available? Then again, I don’t think they have any Nuclear Facilities or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to speak of. More on countries that have Google Earth Privacy and Security Concerns.

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