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Posted on May 25, 2016 in DivingPADI

I obtained my PADI Dry Suit Diver Specialty quite soon after I qualified as an Open Water diver as I do a lot of diving in the UK and this type of suit is much more suitable for diving in colder waters. Dry suits feature seals and heavier insulating materials to keep the wearer dry in cold water conditions whereas wet suits let water in and are used in warmer water temperatures.

Until recently I’ve been used a rented dry suit which wasn’t always ideal since quite often the suit would leak and became more of a wet suit. Certainly some of this was down to my technique but quite often I felt the suit just didn’t fit me well. With this in mind and considering that I was planning to continue diving in the long term I decided to invest in a custom made dry suit. Having done a bit of research I eventually decided to get a suit from a company called Hammond, a locally run family business here in Kent. I liked the idea of supporting a British business and being local meant that the servicing and support for any problems would be easier.

Richard Byrom in his HDS Pro Elite Dry SuitThe suit I decided to get was the HDS Pro Elite, pictured here. Hammonds web site states this is for the more experienced technical diver with a robust Cordura to Cordura fabric for a longer life and is fitted with a wealth of extras as standard. The extras/custom specifications I went for were: -

  • Neoprene socks and rock boots – I was told this would be better than fitted boots when it came to maintaining my buoyancy
  • Self Donning – to allow me to be more independent
  • Comfort zip

In addition to the dry suit I also bought a 4th Element Undersuit. Another nice extra supplied by Hammond was a suit bag. Hammond Dry Suit Sports Bag

I’m looking forward to using this suit in the future. I have a pool dive scheduled to test it out before I jump into a lake or the sea.

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