Kilimanjaro Team says Goodbye

Posted on January 8, 2006 in ClimbingKilimanjaroSport

This morning the Kilimanjaro team said goodbye to friends and family in style. Firstly we had a farewell at Jubilee Church and afterwards ended up posing for a picture which will be going in the Kent Messenger.

Kilimanjaro Team Goodbye

Pictured from Left to Right: Hilary Griffin, Pierre Celliers, Michael Puffett, Barry Monaghan, John Cable, Keith Motram, Richard Byrom, Tony Forza, Marc Davidson and Alistair Campbell.

This was followed by lunch at Nandos Maidstone after which we hopped into the Year of Training bus and headed for Heathrow.

Lunch at Nandos Maidstone

Check-in went smoothly at Heathrow airport and I’m now busy enjoying a hot chocolate at Costa Coffee and uploading blog entries and pics. Will be blogging on the other side if there’s decent Internet Access. More pics of the farewell as usual here on flickr.

Heathrow Airport Checkin

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