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Posted on November 9, 2005 in ClimbingKilimanjaroSport

Last night the Kilimanjaro Team got together to watch a DVD and a video on Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro: to the roof of Africa

The DVD we watched was called Kilimanjaro - to the roof of Africa. It’s a commercial production/documentary and was more focused on Kilimanjaro from a geographical/educational point of view i.e. it looked at the beauty of the mountain and it’s terrain and provided some stunning images of the mountain. Although there was some discussion by the climbers about the hardships of climbing Kilimanjaro it didn’t really give us a true picture of what a climber goes through or the preparation that one needs to make for the climb. However, I would still highly recommend you purchase it if you are planning to climb the mountain as it contains a lot of useful information about the mountain.

The video we watched after the DVD provided us with a more realistic look at climbing Kilimanjaro. The video was recorded off South African TV and showed the journey of a group of South African climbers trying to make it to the top. It provided a humorous look at the hardships experienced by people climbing the mountain.

The names of the team members going to Kilimanjaro are as follows: -

  1. Pierre Celliers
  2. Richard Byrom
  3. Alistair Campbell
  4. John Cable
  5. Michael Puffett
  6. Richard Van de Merwe
  7. Barry Monaghan
  8. Keith Motram
  9. Marc Davidson
  10. Chantelle Davidson
  11. Tony Forza
  12. Hilary Griffin

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