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I’ll be attending the Podcast Con UK, the UK’s first podcasting convention. According to their site:

PodcastCon UK 2005 is the first conference in Europe dedicated to podcasting. The conference will include an exciting combination of presentations, practical sessions and debate on all aspects of podcasting as it moves into its second year.

The following speakers have confirmed their attendance: -

  • Chris Kimber; Head of Radio Interactive, BBC – podcasting from a public broadcaster’s perspective
  • James Cridland; Head of Strategic Development, Virgin Radio – podcasting from a commercial broadcaster’s perspective
  • Milverton Wallace; Managing Director, Quixa NetMedia – podcasting, blogging and social media
  • Richard Vobes; The Richard Vobes Radio Show – developing creative content for your podcast
  • Neville Hobson; For Immediate Release - podcasting as a tool for business communications
  • Chris Skinner, Simulacrum – a live version of Chris’s legendary Simulacrum podcast
  • Paul Nicholls, lawyer and podcaster (podcastpaul.com) – podcasting, legal issues, is speech really free? Defamation

You can sign up to attend on this wiki. Directions to the Berners Hotel where the conference is being held via Google Maps and Google Earth (link requires google earth to be installed – get it from earth.google.com).

I’ve also added the event to the events and venues database, a calendar tagging site which essentially allows you to add events and venues to a database and tag them. See what it looks like here.

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Thanks Brian, I had noticed that and certainly thought of using it. Here’s my thoughts, I currently maintain my calendar in Outlook and then sink it with plaxo/yahoo automatically using the tools they provide. If you could build some sort of plugin for Outlook so that I could tag my Outlook entries and then sync to EVDB that would be great. At the moment replicating my entire calendar manually would be cumbersome. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Posted by Richard Byrom on August 06, 2005 at 12:34 AM | #

Thanks Adrian, I’ve modified the date.

Posted by Richard Byrom on August 15, 2005 at 05:40 AM | #

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