Magellan MapSend Topography for Great Britain

Posted on November 11, 2005 in MappingGPS

Having bought a Magellan Meridian Colour GPS which I blogged on here, I decided to go ahead and buy the Magellan Mapsend Topographical Maps of Great Britain. The GPS already came with base maps for the UK and Europe. However, the Topographical maps simply provide you with more detail and allow you to see contour lines, roads, rivers and walking routes.

At 200 Euros, it’s a fair bit to pay on top of what I’ve already outlaid for the GPS. Despite this I consider it be a worthwhile investment as I quite enjoy the world of mapping and navigation and we’re getting into the whole walking and climbing scene now anyway.

The Magellan GPS site states:

Maximize the navigation capabilities of your Magellan handheld GPS by adding detailed topographic maps for all of Great Britain to your Magellan Meridian series, SporTrak Map, SporTrak Pro, SporTrak Color, SporTrak Pro Marine, eXploristâ„¢ 400, 500 or 600. With outdoor adventure mapping from Ordinance Survey, MapSend Topo in Great Britain includes detailed mapping for all of England, Scotland and Wales.

CD for Magellan Mapsend Topography of Great Britain

View maps on your PC, plan trips, create waypoints, routes and customized regions then easily download them to the built-in memory or Secure Digital (SD) memory card of your GPS. Save thousands of routes on your PC and keep a record of your every adventure.

Use the default WGS84 coordinate system, or switch to OSGB (on the handheld only) for matching your location to your Ordinance Survey maps.

Map detail at 1:50,000 resolution include elevations, woodlands, parks, nature reserves, lakes, rivers, roads, motorways, landmarks, historic locations and more. Additional map features such as waterways paths and tracks appear at 1:10,000 resolution for fun and easy navigation in the outdoors.

So how does this software work? Basically you complete the install on your PC and you will then have detailed maps for the whole of the UK. You can then transfer waypoints, routes and trackpoints between the GPS and MapSend. To download the detailed maps onto your GPS all you do is mark a section of the map that you would like to see in more detail and then upload it to the GPS using the serial connection cable shipped with your GPS. Since the Magellan GPS has a limited amount of onboard memory (16MB) you will probably need to buy an SD card if you are intending to download a large number of maps on to your GPS. In my case I bought a 512MB card which will enable me to download most of the maps for the UK on to the card.

A nice feature of the MapSend software is that when you select a section of the map to download to your GPS, it tells you how much memory will be required for that section. Initially I thought that I would be able to download the entire UK Mapsend map to my GPS, however, I discovered that Mapsend will only allow you to download a section that is 56MB in size. This means that if you want to download all the Mapsend maps for the UK on to your GPS you have to do it in sections and then switch to whatever section you are using at a particular time using Card Utilities.

What I particularly like about the software is that it gives the GPS two new views:

1. Horizontal Profile

This displays an information box which graphically depicts the horizon in front of you.

2. Terrain Projection

This displays an information box which graphically depicts the terrain in front of you.

In upcoming blog posts I will be showing you screen shots of the maps produced by MapSend with the various walking routes we are using for our Kilimanjaro training.

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