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Posted on August 4, 2005 in NewsBlogging

I’ve decided to turn into a dedicated blog.

There are a couple of reasons why I am doing this: 

  • I want to update the site more regularly and a blog is the ideal way for me to do this.
  • The existing site was my first effort at web design and although the front end looked quite good the back end maintenance was quite difficult. The site now uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and this makes it much easier to make across the board changes. In addition to this membership maintenance will be much easier through the blog so I’ll shortly be starting a new mailing list. I will also be using the forum to manage all file downloads and uploads to this site. 
  • I had started a blog called but haven’t been updating it. My intention with this site was to write about useful stuff I’ve learnt in designing and maintaining my own sites. I’m going to take this site down and maintain any useful information relating to Web Design on this site.
  • I’ve now got OracleAppsBlog working the way I want it to so I’m going to use this site as a model for

What services and software are used to run this site now?

What sort of content can you now expect to see on this site?

  • Thoughts and opinions related to Information Technology (especially IT news), Consulting, Speaking, Authoring and Writing.
  • My personal thoughts and views on topics of interest to me.
  • The odd post on events in Zimbabwe – being a former Zimbabwean I’m obviously interested in the direction the country is going (which seems to be rapidly down hill at the moment).
  • Posts on events in the UK and Europe – now that I live in the UK I’ll be posting on what’s going on in the UK, Europe and even our local community and my church.
  • Load’s of photos – I take a lot of pictures, so here’s my flickr stream which I will be integrating into the blog at some point.
  • Tips and Tricks on how to use the ExpressionEngine blogging software as well as general tutorials on blogging concepts and how to blog.
  • My personal contact details, links, blogroll, calendar, skype details and CV/Resume all of which I will be integrated into the site in the coming weeks.
  • Articles on Web Site Design

I hope you enjoy the new site. I haven’t planned the transition particularly well so please be patient with me whilst I bring new features online and make it look pretty again. Admittedly, it looks rather bare right now but I plan to focus on delivering fresh and interesting content so in a month or so it will probably look in much better shape. One of my first priorities will be to get all the RSS feeds working properly and also ensure that all the downloads are easily accessible via the forum.

As always I value your feedback so contact me if you have any suggestions, comments or problems.

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