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Posted on August 12, 2005 in KilimanjaroClothing

I just purchased the first item of clothing I’ll be needing for my journey up Kilimanjaro in January 2006.

Scarpa ZG65 GTX BootsI needed some three seasons walking boots so I bought a pair of Scarpa ZG65 GTX Boots at Field and Trek in Canterbury for GBP100. I realised after the purchase that these were going for GBP75.00 at the Gear Zone Online Camping Shop. However, I’d been told that in the case of boots it was much better to go and try them out rather than order them online so I guess this to some extent justified the extra GBP25.00 I paid. The ZG in the product name stands for Zero Gravity and they are certainly quite light and comfortable.

According to the Scarpa web site:

The ZG65 is a truly unique product. Not only does it have all the developments of the new standard setting Zero Gravity range, but it also offers Gore-Tex XCR for a more breathable level of performance. The ZG65 is a lower cut design and utilizes upper materials that are lightweight, durable, breathable and with a highly attractive range of colours. ZG65 is designed for walking and light hiking in more temperate climates where less insulation but added breath ability is desired.

The Gear Zone site had a bit more detail on the boots as follows:

These boots feature the latest Scarpa technology
ZG Hi-Trail Sole: A incredibly lightweight sole unit. Yet unlike others who have tried to lighten soles by lowering the profile, you will find the Hi-Trail sole has through clever design both lightened weight yet also provided deep cleating that will give outstanding grip and which is also remarkably self-cleaning. The rubber is a Megabyte Trekking mix developed from Scarpa’s rockshoe rubber and produced by Vibram to give superb traction and adhesion. Above the sole is an Ultralight EVA mid-section to provide outstanding comfort and underfoot support.
ZG Last:
The new ZG last is designed to avoid the generally ‘sloppy’ fit of many trekking boots that may be instantly comfortable in store but fail to perform when needed. Instead Scarpa have worked to provide a level of precision fit that will inspire confidence when used - even on rugged terrain.
ZG Rands:
Scarpa have carefully selected the rands for ZG and have drawn the slingshot heel rand design from their rockshoe technology. This helps lighten the weight, maximize breath ability and improve the overall heel fit performance.
ZG Lacing:
There is a dramatic reduction in metal hardware on the ZG range. Scarpa have instead used modern, hardwearing, lightweight materials, developed in their latest mountaineering footwear to provide an easy to use and lightweight lacing system.
ZG Upper Design:
The upper designs of ZG have been meticulously configured to provide great comfort and dexterity in use. With the new 360 degree ankle and forward flexation designs delivering great walking comfort on level and uphill terrain and the low sculpted rear eliminating any Achilles pressure in descent.

Since it’s best to wear in the boots before walking up any mountains I’m going to be wearing them whenever possible.

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