StoneHenge World Heritage Site

Posted on January 2, 2006 in

Today we visited StoneHenge. Having driven passed the site several times on various trips around the country we finally decided to get a closer look.

According to the English Heritage Site:

The great and ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world. What visitors see today are the substantial remnants of the last in a sequence of such monuments erected between circa 3000BC and 1600BC.

There has always been intense debate over quite what purpose Stonehenge served. Certainly, it was the focal point in a landscape filled with prehistoric ceremonial structures, now a World Heritage Site.

It was interesting to learn about the level of effort that was put into building this structure, particularly at a time when earth moving equipment was not readily available. A sunny day provided us with plenty of good photo opportunities as shown below, more pics here.


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