UK Winter Forecast 2005/6 - Perfect weather for Kilimanjaro Training

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This weather forecast which I found on Net Weather predicts it’s going to get pretty cold in the UK over December 2005 and January 2006. Although I don’t normally like cold conditions this will provide perfect conditions for our Kilimanjaro training in preparation for the climb we are undertaking in Jan 2006. At the top of Kilimanjaro it can get to -20 degrees centigrade and then there are other factors like wind chill that can make it even colder. Also, I’ve heard that -20 at an altitude of 6,000m is entirely different to -20 at sea level!

Here’s what Net-Weather had to say:

2005 has been another very mild year for the UK, this summer was above average and following on from that, the Autumn is potentially heading toward being a record breaker as the mildest ever recorded. Even taking this into consideration though, many of the main indicators are pointing towards Britain having it’s coldest winter for 10 years.

The expected change in pattern is largely due to high pressure building in more Northerly latitudes, deflecting the jet stream further south as it crosses the Atlantic toward the UK and therefore pulling cold air South with more regularity this winter.

Looking in more detail, the first major plunge of cold air from the north is expected shortly before mid month in December, perhaps around the 10th, snow is a distinct possibility particularly in northern and western parts. Christmas at this stage though looks fairly mild, so perhaps not another white one this year. The period between Christmas and New Year may well provide us with a real shock, as a major pattern change is expected with cold air again forcing it’s way across the UK.

January is expected to be the coldest month of the winter; perhaps the coldest since the famous freeze of 1987. More than one cold spell is expected during January, with widespread snow and freezing temperatures a distinct possibility.

February is currently looking to be a milder month, although the cold air may well hang around for the first two weeks.

Overall, as indicated at the beginning, this winter is expected to be far colder than experienced in recent years, so the obvious issues that this brings will need planning for. The other major factor in this forecast is the rainfall, with 2 of the 3 winter months expected to yield below average rainfall, this could signal further issues with drought next year.

On the weekend of the 9th-11th of December we’re planning on the entire Kili team going up to Brecon Beacons so perhaps we will see some snow them. Looks like I need to buy some crampons for my boots just in case we end up walking in the snow!!

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